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What is DentaFend

Dental pain is an all-encompassing experience. The pain can radiate to the ears, neck, and throat, causing the sufferer to go through more discomfort than they can imagine. When the pain is an identifiable problem, like an abscess or injury, then it is easy to go to a dentist to help repair the problem. However, allowing this issue to fester is the reason that so many people end up with infections and other health issues.

How DentaFendProtects and Heals

The creators of this regimen claim that the reason for the major issues in the gums has nothing to do with the teeth themselves, but with the blood. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the tissues in the body, even the roots of the teeth. In doing so, the health of the blood can take on a major role in healing, especially with the right antibacterial and antifungal support.

The DentaFend ingredients are:

Bentonite clay


Oat bran

Black walnut

Apple pectin

Prune extract

Psyllium husk

Aloe vera leaf extract

Lactobacillus acidophilus

DentaFendworks for anyone that wants to improve the health of their gums, teeth, and the rest of their mouth. The formula should be paired with regular brushing, but it works in a way that bristles just can’t reach.