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EcoTouch -50% Off Today

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You’ll never accidentally leave the tap running again with this clever faucet adapter

  • Saves up to 48% water
  • Cuts down your bills
  • Automatically turns off the tap for you
  • Reduces the risk of accidental flooding

Transform your taps in minutes
EcoTouch is a small but powerful water tap faucet adapter, designed to work with many different types of tap. It takes just minutes to install, and you don’t need to be a professional plumber to set it up.

How does it work?
The EcoTouch device must be inserted into the end of the faucet.

When installing the device, you can choose your timer settings - anything from 2 to 6 seconds.

All you need to make this adjustment is a simple Allen key. Then it is just a case of twisting the green plastic to the right to increase the number of seconds of water flow, or left to decrease it.

How To Use It
Remove the end of the faucet if necessary.

Decide how long you wish the water to flow for before cutting off automatically and adjust the device accordingly.

Insert the EcoTouch device into the end of the tap, with the green end facing outwards.

Switch on the tap as you would normally. The water should not flow until you touch the end of the faucet.

Watch as the water flow cuts off automatically after the designated number of seconds.

EcoTouch is the best deal around
There are plenty of smart taps on the market but these are often expensive and difficult to install. EcoTouch offers the same capabilities but for a price you can afford. There is no heavy plumbing to be done, the devices can be fitted in minutes meaning no disruption to your daily routines. No tap can offer the same results for such little effort.