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Mosquitron Reviews!

What is Mosquitron ?

Mosquitron is a portable mosquito killing system that attracts and zaps annoying insects without any harmful chemicals through the use of purple LED lights.
The device comes with a rechargeable battery. Once it’s fully charged, you can carry Mosquitron anywhere it needs to go. It’s designed to be compact, portable, and hangable.
Some people use Mosquitron zapper while camping. Others carry it on a picnic, leave it on your porch, or hang it outside in their backyard. You can buy multiple units for added coverage as the threat of mosquitos carrying any number of problems like West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria or encephalitis are very real in 2021 and beyond.

How Does Mosquitron  Work?

Mosquitron uses purple LEDs to attract mosquitos towards the unit. When mosquitos (or other insects) get too close, they get zapped by the electric tubing around the outside of the light.

How Does Mosquitron Zap Insects?

Mosquitron zaps insects using an electric coil – similar to the coil used on handheld bug zappers and other portable zapper systems.
When insects contact these electric coils, electric current flows into their bodies, creating a zapping sound and killing the insect. The dead insects fall to the ground around Mosquitron , and you can sweep them away as needed.

Why Do Insects Fly Towards Mosquitron?

Insects fly towards Mosquitron because they’re purportedly attracted to purple light. Mosquitron uses purple light in the visible spectrum to attract mosquitos.
Some mosquito zapping systems use ultraviolet (UV) light to attract mosquitos. Others use purple light. It’s less proven than UV light, but some mosquitos may still fly towards the purple light.

Specifications Of Mosquitron  Zap

Purple LEDs to attract bugs
Have an inbuilt electric coil to powerfully zap bugs/mosquitoes
No toxic/harmful chemicals, 100% safe
Rechargeable with a micro USB port
Designed with a handy loop
Cordless / wireless
360-degree robust fan
Voltage: 5V
Coverage: Up to 40 meters

Features of Mosquitron  Zap

Attracts and zaps pesky flies, killing them!
Rechargeable battery with a long life span
Hangable, compact, and portable
There are no harmful chemicals in this product, and it is completely safe.
It’s easy to use and clean.

Bottom Line

After getting into the Mosquitron  Reviews, we get to know about the products as it is easy to use and aware of all the aspects that you ought to aware of. We recommend using this product and solving all the problems without any side effects.